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more than 12 TOURS worldwide



more than 12 TOURS worldwide


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Theme based travels offer well-researched unique theme tours motivated by various cultural, social, ecological, historical and lifestyle related topics of a region. Simply put, instead of destinations. With a considerable research and development connecting with the experts, premiere institutes, agencies behind every theme to offer verified facts, we blend with qualitative and comforting tourism from different regions to create interesting and unique tour packages for tourists. Trip Alfresco let's you to explore the off-beaten path to experience the moments of awe and a whole lot of fun, so, come Trip al fresco !


"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." - Ralph Waldo Emerson Every destination around the world has a lot to offer, one just needs to have a open mind to enjoy and experience that the world has to offer.We blend quality and comfort tourism from different countries to create unique tour packages. We, at Trip Alfresco, strive to make every tour to any destination as remarkable and experiential as possible, that you not only are comfortable but also explore well with quality and personalised services.

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Trip Alfresco

India's diversity and influence is somewhat akin to a strong with ancient roots of a big banyan (Ficus Benghalensis, India's national tree). Like a banyan tree significant in religious, spiritual, medicinal, industrial aspects that has bestowed sheltered to several people and enlightened some, India is well known with a long history of being rich in culture, traditions, heritage. With so many interesting characteristics spread out on a vast scale, understanding and appreciating a particular feature can get difficult. As founders of Trip Alfresco, acknowledging these difficulties, we offer theme based travel options for those who wish to keenly explore a certain elements of nature. READ MORE

Why Trip Alfresco ?

To learn about the culture, traditions of a region

Trip Alfresco aims to explore and acquaint with a region or country's culture, tradition and ancient practices, that's our unconventional trend of travels. Plus, our personalised services make our theme-tours even more enjoyable and safe. Our local packages for our incoming guests, offers a unique way to introduce, interact and understand various cultural aspects of India, for example, traditional music, classical dance and wellness and many others - after all these special aspects are the ones which make India incredible.

To explore and promote various cultures and arts

Our well-researched theme tours focuses on to various theme related tours (traditional music, classical dance, health, wellness programs, fashion, lifestyle, local culinary, beverage specialities, festivals, natural attributes etc.) in addition to promoting the fading folk arts and crafts of a region that requires encouragement via tourism and the appreciation that will bring these art forms to the culture forefront and employs local artists and skill-workers. As every good product as a price, every theme-tour of ours are well crafted and serviced with a good valuable experience, nonetheless, we constantly strive to include interesting facts and features at competitive rates. We also research and develop on suggested theme tours. All our trips are well-researched, such that every theme tour is supported by the well-educated experts in every fields of dance, music, archaeology, etc, while being guided by the local well-manned and experienced assistants escorting and safe guarding every tourists from any mishaps and mischievous fraudulent behaviours. Every tour offers personalised services to make sure our guests are comfortable while enjoying their catered tours, no matter whichever destination they chose. We appreciate and value every guests as a family with whom we can bond and associate for a long time.

To offer quality based tours

For every destination, Trip Alfresco analysis and scrutinises the quality of different tour operators, guides, experts (in every institute for theme-based tours) and associates on their experience and customer feedback. Only after a thorough inspection and survey, all our tours are researched and developed to make every complete satisfaction.

To cater various clients from standard to luxury tours

We are a team of well-educated, experienced travellers bolstered by our expert travel partners, who are adept in tailoring customised bespoke and luxury tours. We can arrange private helicopters, chartered flights, limousines, yachts with heritage-class 5 and above starred properties and accommodations with impeccable escort services.

To learn interesting aspects of this world

Trip Alfresco believes that learning is a lifelong process. We appreciate and encourage the custom of learning and giving. We value all our returning travellers and offer special discounts.