Trip Alfresco

 For those who explore, not just travel

Trip Alfresco, a theme based travel company, that offers well-researched unique theme tours motivated by various cultural, social, ecological, historical and lifestyle related topics of a region. Simply put, instead of destinations, we are theme based tours.

With a considerable research and development behind every theme to offer verified facts, we blend with qualitative and comforting tourism from different regions to create interesting and unique tour packages for tourists. Starting off in India, we connect with the experts, premiere institutes, agencies for our various themes, like, Yoga, Ayurveda, Indian classical music, Indian classical dance, spice, Indian cuisine, battles, kingdoms, organic farming, ancient Indian architecture, spirituality, fashion and many more spanning across India (and even beyond).

Every tour introduces facts, interesting cultural, traditional and historical aspects and places, unlike other mundane tours. We are also coming up with many new and unique theme tours, like, Sanskrit, Vedic studies, ancient Indian wells (bāori), among others.

Conventional tours and travel companies offer the usual set of sightseeing spots and structures in different destinations, although that makes the package cheaper, however, it does not inform much about cultures, traditions or history of a regions. Trip Alfresco, however, let's one to explore the off-beaten path to experience the moments of awe, where basic packages traversing through the well-paved roads and comforts miss out on such activities and sites.

Under this concept, we also welcome suggestions for different topics/themes from our clients. For which, we would research on the topic and customising their tours to their comforts accordingly (akin to bespoke tours). As an Indian company, having known some of our ancient customs, traditions, history, we initiated tours in India, and now we are panning for tours beyond India too.

In summary, our specialty lies in our well-researched & developed tours acquainting cultural, social, ecological and historical tours, combined with basic tourism. The idea is to introduce unique tour packages where people can learn more and be aware about these aspects, than simply travel. Although, theme-tours are slightly more expensive than conventional tours, for their research and development, reconnaissance and collaborations, but certainty educates and explores a lot more than general tour packages -- an absolute value for money.