Maldives – A Tropical Paradise

Maldives – A Tropical Paradise

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Maldives, known as “the tropical paradise” for its beauty, is a fascinating country which is actually an archipelago made up of some 1192 low-lying islands, naturally grouped into 26 atolls, with around 200 of them being inhabited (and 80 or so being exclusive resort islands). It has clear emerald waters, beautiful beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, and of course luxurious Over-water bungalows.

The climate of the Maldives is ideal for the visitors to get engaged in water sports such as swimming, fishing, scuba as well as deep sea diving, snorkeling, water-skiing. Maldives is an ideal destination for family vacation or honeymoon trip where you can enjoy and have a mesmerizing vacation.

Water Bungalows in Maldives

Maldives has some of the finest resort hotels on earth, and such is the trendiness of the destination that every luxury chain in the world wants to be here, so newer and better resorts open every year. The best time to visit these paradise islands is from November to April, attracting tourists from across the world.

Maldives Luxury Villa

The island nation is warm and sunny all year-round. On average, 5 days are usually enough to explore the major places and nestle in the islands of Maldives. Often, long-distant tourists traveling to these islands tend to combine with Sri Lanka, another beautiful country to explore in the Indian ocean. With Sri Lanka, both countries can be covered in approximately 10 to 12 days of journey.

Luxury Water Villa, Maldives

Accommodations in Maldives offer a variety of options. With features of private access to the lagoon in Water Villas comes equipped with their own private plunge pool, sun decks with Chaise lounge as well. Also, there are other types of Pool and Beach Villas which offer an ideal blend of luxury and comfort accommodation. The Over-water Bungalow is an ultimate staying option for tourists looking for relaxation and privacy all with an amazing view. Cheaper options of Beach Bungalows and hotels are also available. Many intermediate and luxury hotels offer combination packages with Water and Beach Bungalow options with different price, duration and comfort options.

Beautiful sights of pristine beaches, turquoise lagoons along with tasty cuisines, extremely friendly staff and lots of opportunities for water activities and relaxation make this country worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. Culinary delicacies from world over are offered in most every hotel. However, Atmosphere Kanifusi is home to the first all vegetarian restaurant in the Maldives, the aptly named ‘Just Veg’ offering fine vegetarian dining , including vegan and Jain options, which can all be enjoyed in a beautiful setting with far reaching views of the Indian ocean.

The music scene of Maldives is a unique experience that is dominated by the local Boduberu (big drums) that are the variation of the African drums. The most visually stunning water villas are there in Maldives.

Direct flight connections are available throughout the year from major airports around the Indian Ocean, including Mumbai, Bangalore, Kochi in India and Colombo in Sri Lanka. Major luxury hotels have their airport kiosks at Male International Airport (IATA Code: MLE), tourists upon arrival are often welcomed and received by respective hotel chains to be ferried to their hotels using boats, speed boats and even chartered helicopters. 

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