India, the country of diversity, ancient history, a mystic land of spirituality, culture, rich heritage and many more. But at the same time, with more than 1.2 billion people, India can be chaotic for foreign tourists. And this can be challenging, even more so, when one is visiting for the first time with no expectations. But just as it is wrong to judge a book by its cover, the challenging aspect can merely be a shell to a sweet nectar of an amusing and an amazing travel experience. To ease the challenging part for the tourists involved in their exploration and acquaintance of the beauty, camaraderie and mysticism which India has to offer is our mission.


India represents the nature in its absolute entirety.  Nature cannot be explained, in simple terms, so is India, many events which happen in our lives are mystic. Nature offers a wide variety of specialties that amazes humans, so is India, several aspects like healing, spirituality, divinity, Yogasutra  and many more are simply astonishing which cannot be explained easily.


There are several features from history to arts, cultures to technology, mystic to obvious; but deep down there is always a reason. In order to understand this reason, one would need to go deeper. So, come swim with us to explore and experience India.


With so many varieties in the attributes which India offers, it is very easy to get distracted. Therefore, we have created a few themes by which one can experience India in that direction.Indeed, you would get influenced by many other features too, whether they are jungles, rivers, ancient temples, mountain ranges, beaches, we will help you in getting mesmerized and feel relaxed with them, as well.


We go beyond our limits and our country, always exploring for fascinating journeys, to acquaint to you, in any part of the world. Our acute senses are continuously surveying regions with special and unique themes that we can inform and promote to others. We care and bond with the environment and respect the mighty and brute force of nature, which we try to educate to others.


We welcome all, from budget travellers, individuals, group travellers, school/college students to business travellers, who share our sense and sensibility towards nature. So let's explore, with lesser challenges, to learn and for a relaxing holiday.


Our add-on initiatives include conduct corporate bicycle excursions, travel support in arranging for hotel, home stay accommodations for people traveling abroad and, on special requests, we also arrange corporate MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) events.