Rural India Tour

The vast size of Indian rural sector, of about 700 million people in 6,50,000 villages, and the amount of opportunity is significant. To benefit this potential, several big companies of the world are investing billions, but there's an urgent need for volunteers, help organisation and travellers willing to support with their time.

The tour indulges in immersing in the rural Indian lives with these villages in their routine activities. Individuals can assist them in their regular duties and impart them basic education, sanitation, computers, renewable energy trapping ideas, industrial skill training, psychological support and uplifting, or any thing that can make them self-sustain.

In return, the travellers can benefit from this cultural exchange programs to learn village age, crafts, fabric printing, handicrafts, pottery making, farming and many more. The tour would revive them with fresh and tranquil village lives, farm fresh food, exotic places to visit, learn new culture, languages, bullock cart rides and many more.