The Great Indian Spice Tour

Explore the reason that makes ‘Incredible India’ incredible. Spice is, indeed, native to India, and, hence, grown all across India (now, even abroad). This SPICE TRIP, that will primarily explore through the southern Indian regions, recreationally, would let you bask in the sunny beaches and pools, refresh you with enjoyable Ayurvedic massages and wellness introductory treatments, calm and relaxing float through the backwater in a house-boat, feel the chill of fresh air blending the spicy aroma of mountains, breathtaking moments of spotting the wild animals through national forests, observe the belief and reverse of ancient temples and holy places and shop some of the lovely items for you memoirs.

In addition, we make your theme tours to explore through the world of spices - from seeding, cultivation, plucking and grinding into masala, get you close to whiff and taste different spices reviving your different taste buds, introduce to cooking to make the best use of spice, acquaint you through various benefits and home remedies of these ancient Indian ingredients.

We also walk you through various plantations, presenting the historical facts of spice trades from different civilisations, their influence to the world and Indian culture. While, experiencing the tourism and spice theme, we add a bit of sweetness with cultural music or dance of Indian tradition to appreciate our age-old skills and their artists and inform a bit about our ancient (over 1000s of years old) Sanskrit scripts and Vedic lifestyles.


Culture & Coffee

Embark on a journey that blends culture and coffee of a southern state in India. Learn all about the magic of coffee cultivation and the varieties of this much loved beverage of South India. Experience an intoxicating concoction of religion; ancient culture and traditions in the temples and palaces which are evolving and some facing extinction with urbanisation, globalisation and technology. Discover the ethnic side of India, through the dynamic times, with different cultural and ecological practices.

Observe the nurturing and affectionate role of a farmer through his coffee plantations, feel the devotion of a priest in an ancient temple gathering its natural aura, experience the bliss of nature walks and monasteries, savour the lip smacking authentic taste of many different cuisine with recipes that has been handed down over generations, smell the heady aroma of fresh flowers, spices, food, coffee and tea at a market in the morning….The tour offers a chance to make you be a part of just another day in the life of south India.