Spirituality Tour

The existence of an eternal soul (ātma) in our body, is divine spark Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray - Rumi.

As chaotic and impossible India may seem, with her many tongues and a million gods, there is something magical about India that can only be experienced and not explained.

It's not about the religion nor is it about belief or faith. It's all about rediscovering and being your true self, maybe deepen your yoga practice or just finding your purpose in life.

Be a part of this simple yet soul searching journey. Discover the light in you. This journey takes you through various places where people congregate in search of answers, soul search, discover their true identity and meaning, with reverence, faith, and devotion. While in this search, we explore through various regions of India, interact with common people, yogi and guru, involve in some seva (service), and take some time to meditate to connect and feel the cosmic energies.

A short and simple spiritual tour that acquaints you with essentials of Delhi and The holy city of Amritsar. Experience New Delhi and enjoy the mix of Mughal architecture and the British architecture. Visit the most famous multi religion places of worship and have a go at the delicious street food old Delhi has to offer.

Take the train to Amritsar and find peace at the Golden Temple. Lend a helping hand by doing Seva. Watch the beautiful temple lit up at night. Visit Jalian Wala Bagh and be moved by the scars for the Indian struggle for freedom. The highlight of the trip is the exaggerated antics of soldiers at Wagah border. Come discover these cities!