Trip Alfresco is not just any other travel company, we strive to explore, understand our roots and inform. The ancient and vast Indian history and culture has been the foundation of our survival through eons, making us the oldest enduring religion and community on earth. And, clearly, this foundation holds an immense amount of knowledge, of which, we have learnt only the tip of the iceberg.


One absolute method by which we could learn more is by exploring, educating and creating an awareness of our history and culture to everyone. Wherein, we are extremely careful to note and exclude the myths and fakes, and focus only on the facts; that needs a lot of research and exploration. For which, we anxiously seek the public support and encouragement through crowd-funding.


With your valued help, we aspire to grow (just like a big banyan tree), collaborating with agencies and trusts, with similar aims like ours, to learn and acquaint our hidden treasures of knowledge about our cultural heritage and traditions.


We understand and appreciate your esteemed financial support, that in response we would not only promote you (and your organisation), but also offer a discounted tour for one of our well-developed theme trips of your choice.


Kindly drop us a message, through our contact page, we would then share our bank details for your support. We appreciate every support and encouragement we get.