Yuvraj Harsha Sreedhar

Manager of Tourism

Taking a break from scientific research, with my good knowledge in world culture and travels in many countries, I wanted to create a start-up in tours and travels, that is different and innovative.

With my other passion of traveling, I studied the travel and tourism industry for sometime, and the way the tour & travel industry are working offering packages globally.

Mag. Phil. Ines Hofbauer

Manager of Tourism

A Social Scientist, an intercultural and German language trainer, in addition to an avid traveller.

With her background and expertise in sociology and intercultural studies, she plays an important role towards conceptualising and developing several theme tours.

Kusuma Sreedhar


As a part of many army welfare associations and a teacher,
residing and working in different cities across India,
she possesses a lot of knowledge of about varied Indian traditions and heritage.

With her immense knowledge on various regional and cultual aspects of India, she is an asset to Trip Alfresco and valued support as a partner.


Lt. Col. L. Sreedhar


As a founder, director of People’s Skills Pvt. Ltd. (retd.), People’s Skill Foundation and an ex-army officer, he is has a wide professional experience and network connections to help our company stride towards success. His valued advises and guidance would help our company taking manage risky situation in a cautious manner.

Kavita B Jhaveri

Sales & Customer Support Executive

A Bachelor of Arts (History) graduate with several years of experience as a Customer Support Executive in State Bank of India Credit Card Division and Insurance policy specialists is now manage customer support and administration.

Our valued Team & Supporters

Besides us, we are also sincerely supported by our parents, family, friends, experts from various fields,
like, musicians, dancers, artists, farmers, farm owners, historians, archeologists, scientists,
astronomers, chefs, psychologists and others, for different theme tours.
We have a few customer support staff and backend operation assistants at our office helping
us for general and theme tours.
Also, we have a very good travel and hospitality associates, by whom we gain their
complaint-free and comfortable services for every destination.


Since with our own travel experiences and our observations towards the offered packages, on- and offline, by different travel agents/companies, we felt there is a lack of information and the quest with which many travellers, especially foreigners, seek from the packages that is offered.

Generally, many foreigners travel to India seeking exposure to cultural, social, traditional and historical awareness, whereas the tour packages offer mostly information towards various sites, buildings, palaces, structures, statues rather than elaborating on the traditions and cultures. While most of cultures, heritage and social information is conveyed through classical arts, music, dance, traditional attires, cuisines, festivals, etc, the offered standard travel packages do not showcase these features.

Targeting this inadequacy, I started Trip Alfresco -- a theme based travel company that focusses and showcases more on cultural, social, ecological and historical related concepts of a region (in addition to visits to various structures, sites and monuments) than simply famous sights and structures.