An ancient Indian practice of connecting mind and body with the eternal energies of the universe and thoughts of spirituality, lets you develop mindfulness, improve breathing, focus, efficient functioning of vital body parts, calm and peaceful living.

The tour elevates to the sacred regions of the mighty Himalayan ranges, where Yoga was first practiced and promoted on the banks of Hindu venerated river of Ganga. Enjoy the yoga asanas in the ambience of cold comforting air, flowing through the icy capped mountain peaks, of the upper reaches of the atmosphere.

Let your mind be enlightened from interactions with gurus and yogis who have dedicated their lives to yoga and meditation. Observe the revered Hindu rituals every evening on the banks and in the innumerable temples, feel the energy that vibrates in the lives of every being in these regions.

Train yourself to be at peace not from the outside commotion, but from inside. The tour delves into the depths of this practice and relating peace with the inner soul. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or seasoned practitioner, we combine this exploration of yoga and tourism, for various lengths, comforts and regions.

Come feel bliss of your inner peace!